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F-One Trax HRD Lite Tech 2018 Kiteboard Complete
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The F-One Trax 2018 HRD brings futuristic sensations for freestyle kiteboarding, offering outstanding planing and tremendous comfort even in high wind conditions. With unmatched upwind ability, acceleration is continuous yet remains controllable in any circumstance.


The F-One Trax HRD comes with smooth riding, incredible drive, earlier planing and fantastic better upwind performance.


The F-One Trax HRD does all the work for you as it absorbs all vibrations instead of passing it onto your legs. It has unbelievable directional stability and an astonishing precision when edging. It's 3D bottom shape, composed of a double concave shape, lateral V and channels makes the Trax F-One's fastest board. It also allows F-One for a higher scoop for greater comfort and carving.


The TRAX HRD is extremely effective on the water, it is light, responsive and stable. Even though it is geared toward freestyle, the TRAX still offers a wide operating range where it excels in all kiteboarding disciplines. A board of character which gives all its energy back. It makes the difference in its gliding and early planning ability.


The practice of freestyle is evolving, more and more riders are looking for wider boards. Having recognized this trend, F-ONE have developed a special 42cm wide model made for freestyle, while being a great answer as well in light wind conditions.


With the Trax HRD firmly geared toward performance, F-One wanted to optimize its lines, whether on the bottom or on its deck. A new double concave with a progressive V combine clean pure lines and high efficiency on the water.


Who is the board designed for:
If you are after a kiteboard that can do it all and at the same time - with the high performance you need in competition, waves and high wind conditions - this board will be able to handle whatever you throw at it!

Riding Style: Freeriding / Cruising / Freestyle / Jumping / Waveriding


Skill Level: Beginner / Expert


F-One Trax HRD Kiteboard - Length / Width:


F-One Trax HRD - 135 x 39cm

F-One Trax HRD - 136 x 40.5cm

F-One Trax HRD - 137 x 42cm

F-One Trax HRD - 140 x 45cm

Complete with:


G-10 Epoxy 5cm Fins

Standard Grab Handle

  • F-One Platinum 3 2018 Foot pads and Straps 

F-One Kiteboarding Grab Handle:
Optimal "fingergrip" molded grab handle for ease of use in water and board-off manoeuvres.

F-One Kiteboarding Fins:
The ultimate in performance G-10 Epoxy Fins - the industry standard!